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Winter Auto Maintenance
Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter roads are treacherous enough driving a vehicle that’s well maintained, but if your car, truck, or SUV is in disrepair, the risk only increases.  We know that December is a tough time to spend money on your vehicle.  There are presents to buy, family to visit, high heating bills, and so little time!  But the time and expense of an accident or being stranded are the side of the road are even greater. 


Keep your vehicle road worthy this winter by checking on these key areas:


·      Tires.  This one seems obvious, but we can’t stress it enough. Replace tires that are going bald, make sure your tires have enough air pressure, and rotate your tires regularly.


·      Wiper blades and fluids.  It’s hard to see the road with old wipers and no washer fluid.  You’ll need even more fluid during the cold weather to clear the salt and grime from your windshield.


·      Battery.  Winter puts more stress on your battery.  To avoid the horrible realization that your car isn’t going anywhere today, check your battery in advance.


·      Antifreeze.  The fluid in your radiator should be checked for level, condition, and concentration.  A 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze is usually recommended.


·      Emergency kit.  If you don’t already have an emergency kit in your car, now is the perfect time to add one.  A blanket, snacks, water, flares, gloves and flashlight make a good start.


Also, pay attention to your vehicle’s warning and owner’s manual.  The owner’s manual has recommendations based on your specific car.  If your check engine light, low fluids, or air pressure lights are on, don’t ignore them. Those warnings are for your safety. 


If you need help with any auto repairs or maintenance, give Don’s a call.  A reliable vehicle makes a great gift as well!


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